About us

Bharasa Trade BD is Bangladesh’s leading Exporter, Supplier, trusted Buyer agent and Trading Company of Leather, Jute Products, Fabric and Apparel. It has reliable Buyer across in 12 countries, as well as We have reliable Jute Mills, Fabric factory, Garments and Tannery as well as a rock solid infrastructure with both factory for our Buyer. “Bharasa” has taken ground-breaking strides in the Bangladesh Jute Mills, Fabric, Apparel and Tannery industry since its inception in 2015. The fusion of international quality and quality control, quality development team, and its translation into compelling, high quality Jute Products, Fabric, Apparel and Leather at Company-owned integrated facilities drives.
Bharasa” credential as the preferred supplier to leading international quality. “Bharasa” Exporting Jute Products, Fabric, Apparel and Leather to global retailers, also has exporting to direct Garments factory, Wholesaler, and more brand company. Recently the Company acquired lot of buyer and own article to increase its product offerings.

We are engaged to maintain a consistent high quality standard of business conduct, ethics and social responsibilities. We take pride in the efficiency of what we do and always try to adopt the most effective and latest technology available. We strive to serve our valued buyers by Working with the best manufacturers of the industry who are able to offer the best prices in the market. We have a very clear view of our trade and a great working report with our clients and suppliers. We strictly abide by the instruction and brief received from our clients and are not satisfied till we believe that our suppliers have the same kind of understanding. Here the benefits of the prices with GSP & C.O facilities having shorter Delivery Lead Time.

Our company has achieved widespread recognition in providing Leather, Jute Products, Fabric and Apparel. These are widely appreciated for its consistent performance. Our mission is to earn a fair profit through incessant customer satisfaction. We offer fast and reliable delivery, excellent Quality Control and flexible manufacturing and production options. We have a unique methodology of paper work that is Immaculately.

Proprietor of “Bharasa
Mr. Ramadan Hossain, Promoter, Executive Chairman.
He has a vast experience spanning around 7 years in the field of Industrial & Jute Products, Fabric, Apparel, Leather Tannery and Business Management. His expertise extends across Industrial & Jute Mills, Fabric, Apparel and Leather Technology and Business Management, having extensive experience of about 7 years in these areas. He is responsible for the overall management of the Company.

Mr. Ramadan Hossain Messages.
We are one of the most reliable Exporter, Supplier, Buyer agent and Trading Company in Bangladesh. We are doing this business successfully and trustfully for many years. We do have link with all famous Jute Mills, Fabric factory, Garments Factory and Tannery in Bangladesh and all are our very promising partners.

Our company establishes long-term corporation relations with Southeast Asia & Europe. We are working as a buyer representative by providing our efficient services such as price settling, quality controlling, monitoring every step in production, and ensuring timely shipment and last but not the least is client satisfaction. We always make sure our buyers that the goods they receive are those they have ordered. If you are interested in purchasing the Jute Products, Fabric, Apparel and Leather from Bangladesh,

Please contact us without any hesitation.